July 25, 2014

Sunrise Yoga

Begin your day with a relaxing yoga experience with amazing views. With nothing but the sounds of the ocean to soothe your soul, this class will leave you feeling at peace and ready to start your day. Our Sunrise Yoga is a multi-level flow class that will allow you to physically energize by strengthening and stretching your body, as well as mentally energizing your mind.


Find your calm with the ocean overtaking your senses, and expert instruction guiding you through the perfect sun salutations. Located on our South Observation Deck, this venue provides the best of both worlds- an outdoor, all-encompassing, natural experience with the functionality of a hard-wood studio floor to allow for the best execution of your poses.

Our amazing instructor, Susie Nelson, trained in a Nicaraguan emersion that incorporates all the elements into her classes: stretching to the sun, balancing over the earth, and breathing with the wind. This class offers options for each level of experience, so everyone is welcome and can be a part of each segment. You can bring your own mat, or one can be provided for you to ensure your comfort during your experience.

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