August 11, 2014

Meet Our Staff!

Here at Sanderling we have some amazingly talented staff. We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the staff nominated for employee of the month for the month of June. These ladies and gentlemen are the people who are going to make your vacation amazing, and ensure you are attended to whatever your need!

Our winner this month was Elizabeth Davenport, our Concierge in Guest Services. Elizabeth has been with Sanderling as our Concierge for 2 years now, and is known for always being cheerful, helpful and responsive. She loves everything she learns from guests and co-workers, and grows both personally and professionally from her relationships. Her passion for the Outer Banks is inspiring, and it shines through with every guest she helps. Elizabeth says the most important tool she uses is listening- allowing her guests to take ownership of their vacation by hearing what they want whether its a quick bite after their long travels or a whole day of fun on the Outer Banks. In every guest, Elizabeth strives to create the Sanderling experience and always does everything she can to allow her guests to have the best vacation possible.



And our nominees were: Richard Bray of The Lifesaving Station, Sarka of Guest Services & Accounting of Guest Services, Jodian of Guest Services, Fenneke of Human Resources, Bryan of The Lifesaving Station, and Wanda of Banquets.






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