August 20, 2014

From the Cellar

Sanderling’s renovation brought about a reconstruction of our wine collection with the creative and inspiring mind of Matt Jones, Sanderling’s Certified level 2 Sommelier and Manager of Kimball’s Kitchen. Boasting over 200 wines on Kimball’s list, you won’t be left wanting with the carefully selected and maintained, Wine Spectators Award Winning wine list you’ll be presented during your dining experience with us.

By the glass, Kimball’s offers 8 selections of white as well as red. Ranging from light and delicate to full flavored, the limited selection of diverse varietals on our by the glass menu were framed to accommodate every taste. You will find your old favorites, as well as a surprise obscurity like La Caña, an Albarino from Rías Baixas, Spain.

If you are looking for the perfect accompaniment to your dining experience at Kimball’s, our exceptional wine list will undoubtably provide your interests with a bottle suited to your preferences. Broken down by groups of varietals, and further by old and new world options, our per-bottle wine list is intended to allow selections at every price point with both a familiar and unfamiliar assortment.

Foregoing the boredom and monotony of traditional wine lists, Matt has built our menu to serve as a fun way to seek out wine, burying concealed selections throughout and giving it’s reader the feel of a treasure hunt, it’s delectable bounty waiting for discovery for you to enjoy. Matt’s choices for the ever changing list is continually updated and he rarely ever orders the same wine twice. Echoing the personality of wine, Matt says “I want our wine list to change and evolve the way wine does,” keeping up with our determination to instill interest and surprise for our guests. Our extensive library collection also supplies older, limited, and more difficult to find bottles. If you are looking for a true pleasure, the cult wine and vintage classics residing here will provide you with entertaining choices.

After sitting down with Matt, I was dying to know some of his favorite pairings with our menu.  Here are three  favorites with his selection of wine accompaniment for optimal enjoyment:

Kimball’s Flounder, a delicate white fish and a local seafood favorite, pairs excellently with the crisp, clean, and light citrus notes of our Les Contes, a 2012 Reverdy from Sancerre, France.

The Ahi Tuna is served with bamboo rice, an Asian stir fry, and a killer Ponzu sauce. Try this with a light, fruity Pinot Noir such as our Sokol Blosser, a 2012 from Dundee Hills located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Finally, our show stopping, seriously impressive, 24 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye challenges the exquisite Groth, a 2012 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon originating in Napa Valley, CA. This full bodied wine with strong tannins is exactly what couples want with such a rich cut of meat like the Tomahawk.

Matt takes significant pride in the creation of our menu, and even more passionate about aiding our guests in their discovery of exactly what they are looking for. At the end of the day, every bottle in our collection supplies a good choice.   Matt is there to assist our guests decide just which pleasure they prefer for their dining experience. We welcome the curious to discover new and delightful tastes, as well as the knowledgable to engage in their favorite selections. For reservations Tuesday through Saturday at our fine dining restaurant, Kimball’s Kitchen call 252.261.8419.

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