The newest addition to Sanderling’s culinary team, Chef de Cuisine John Botkin, came to us from an extensive background in the restaurant industry. The graduate of the Culinary Institute of New England’s industry experience includes Clyde’s of Tysons in Virginia, McCormick & Shmicks, as well as holding the title of Executive Chef in the Bellagio of Las Vegas. After transplanting to Coastal Carolina, Chef Botkin began in a freestanding restaurant here on the Outer Banks and acclimating to our cuisine based in seafood. Chef Botkin began cooking because of his passion for food, and the excitement of working in a restaurant. Finding influence in Caribbean cuisine, Botkin’s favorite memory since he began cooking was a beach barbeque in St. Thomas, where they cozied up to a driftwood fire after grilling the fish and lobster they caught right off the beach- it’s doesn’t get much better than that!

The Lifesaving Station’s focus on S. O. A. L. cuisine will only improve with the aid of Chef Botkin, continuing to grow with the agriculture on the Outer Banks. S. O. A. L. is an acronym for sustainable, organic, artisanal, and local, which is The Lifesaving Station’s basis for its menu including many products from local and regional farmers. The restaurant proudly boasts it’s dedication to being “Carolina Sustainable,” which is the preparation of the ingredients used in their dishes that celebrate the S.O.A.L. approach of Southern and American producers who are dedicated to sustaining the cultures and environments that truly embody the places they call home. Botkin wants his guests to have fun with food and expand their culinary experiences. Adding new ingredients to a familiar dish is one of the ways he likes to allow his diners to do this. Some of the restaurant’s featured “Carolina Sustainable” dishes are their Grilled Carolina Grouper, found swimming right in the ocean behind us, as well as an ode to southern cuisine with their Shrimp and Grits made with grilled NC shrimp, surry sausage, Anson Mills grits, smoked tomatoes, and mushrooms.

We welcome Chef de Cuisine John Botkin with high hopes of his impending accomplishments for The Lifesaving Station at Sanderling Resort, and are certain of our diners’ satisfaction with him on board. The Lifesaving station will continue to be a family friendly, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for any meal of the day.


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