August 27, 2014

On The Half-Shell

Our fine dining restaurant on property, Kimball’s Kitchen, is the home of a painstakingly chosen selection of locally sourced oysters to showcase on their menu. Our oyster fixtures are all from various places in Virginia: Hog Island, Topping, Gloucester, and Virginia Beach. Each with their own unique flavor profile, our oyster selection provides an excellent preamble to your dinner at Kimball’s.

Sewanescott (Hog Island, VA) oysters are big, eastern shore gems that are farm-raised to perfection. With a distinct salinity and a little sweetness, these guys are an absolute treat – which is why they are our house oysters! Try a dozen of these to start your night.

Rappahannock (Topping, VA) oysters are another farm-raised beauty we feature at Kimball’s. They are uniform in shape and size, and hang in the balance of salinity and sweetness for the perfect amount of each. These oysters are farmed all over the bay, and we just can’t get enough of them.

Mobjack (Gloucester, VA) oysters are farmed in an aquaculture, and have a metallic brininess to them that you will find absolutely perfect. Get a half-dozen of them and enjoy!

Lynnhaven (Virginia Beach, VA) oysters are perfect for those beginners! If you are a newbie and want to enjoy are half-dozen with us, we recommend you start your palate off with these. Not as salty as other selections and larger in size, Lynnhaven oysters are perfect to kick off your future love affair with our favorite shellfish!

If you’re a purist, leave these babies alone! If you want to try a few different combinations, our oysters are served with a variety of accompaniments including marinated cucumber, pickled watermelon, or chili vinegar.

If you’re looking for a larger variety of chilled local shellfish, try our impressive Seafood Tower which includes our House Oysters, Lump Blue Crab, Maine Lobster Tail, Cocktail Shrimp and our house-made garnishes.

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