I don’t know about you, but standing in a seemingly endless buffet line, anxiously awaiting the teasing treats that always seem just out of reach does not cut it for us! Food stations are an emerging trend in the delicious world of catering, and we absolutely love hosting them! We have a variety of action and presented stations, including the famous, king-of-the-kitchen, hands down undisputed winner of scrumptiousness… THE BACON BAR.

Including, drum roll please…

5 different kinds of bacon strips including Ranch, Pecan, Whiskey, Applewood, BBQ and Spicy Habanero,

Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Tots (I’m drooling)

Pork Belly Sliders,

Chocolate Pretzel Sticks with Candied Bacon (oh my)

Bacon Doughnuts…

Bacon Truffles…

AND Caramel and Chocolate Dipped Bacon!!!!!

I’m struggling to find a place in which this utterly pork-tastic, genuine work of art shouldn’t be enjoyed. It’s even more difficult for me to imagine any kind of wedding or event without this absolutely necessary station at your reception. The only thing that makes the every bite of piggy deliciousness better, is the stunningly creative backdrop it’s set upon, which is a rental for events at Sanderling that can also be used for other displayed items. The “I {Heart} Bacon” station is an amazing addition to your cocktail hour as a fun displayed hors d’oeurve stop or a great inclusion to your Station Reception dinner.

And remember.. bacon makes everything better.


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