One of our favorite, photo-rich ways to interact with our guests! We love letting everyone know those little things going on around the resort, those details of a wedding that caught our eye, or the recent happenings in the Outer Banks!Getting to see what our guests are enjoying here at Sanderling, or their adventures off-property lets us know they are enjoying their vacations- sometimes we even get surprised with new things to do! Tag us in your photos with your favorite meals, day and night-time adventures, bike rides through Duck or just lounging by our pool- We love seeing them all!


Another way of getting in touch with us is Twitter. Tweet at us anytime- if you have a question while you’re here, if you want to know what’s coming up for you and the family to do, or if you want to let us know how much fun you’re having at one of our restaurants or on the beach! Use our hashtags: #sanderlingmoments, #sanderlingstanley, #sanderlingstanley or #sanderlingresort! Add photos or link to your Instagram posts. Tweeting at us is always a good way to get real time information wheverever, whenever!


Facebook is our social media “home”- links to our blog, Instagram posts, resort reviews and everything you could think of happening in the Outer Banks is on our home page. Where we can keep the most photos, respond to our guests, and keep everyone informed of things the world writes about Sanderling! Share your vacation at Sanderling’s photo album with us so we can see all the fun you had- and our other guests can get ideas about what to do when they are here! You will find our specials and upcoming resort packages, our Sanderling Community Newsletter, and all the yummy photos of both our restaurants dishes- go take a peek!


If you are reading this, then you found our awesome blog! A journalistic approach to all things Sanderling, you will find posts reviewing Outer Banks experiences, Sanderling Wedding features, culinary attractions, and a sneak peek into behind-the-scenes  at our Resort. You’ll meet our staff, fall in love with our couples exchanging vows, and crave the mouthwatering seafood loved by our coastal region. With fun reads like these, you’ll never be bored with the many blogs we post about our area. You’ll find the background stories on many restaurants and other vendors here to answer all the questions you wondered about after you’ve gone, and peak your interest on experiences you’ll have when you come back. Our Instagram and Facebook real-time feeds are located on this page as well, for easy access to all our social media outlets. Share any posts or photos to Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter that you want to look back on later, or just would love all your friends and followers to see!



Besides being everyone’s guilty pleasure, Pinterest is a great tool for all of our Sanderling brides! We pin daily- things we love, things we see at our venues, and things we think our upcoming celebrations should have! We love to see our weddings pinned throughout so many interest boards, and we can get a feel for your style and preferences for your dream wedding at Sanderling. Share pins on Pinterest for us to see, or share them to any of our social media outlets! All pins welcome, all styles appreciated! Yet another thing we love to pin is all the places we find Sanderling in the news! Any reviews, any publications, or articles we find about Sanderling, we pin so all of our followers can see! Check out our “Sanderling in the News” board to see some great posts.

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Great for connecting with all our local businesses here in the Outer Banks, our Linked In is also perfect for our corporate groups to connect with us! Seeing our client’s profiles also helps get to know their respective companies and understand them professionally. Its always inspiring to see where our corporate groups come from, their missions, and what their companies are all about.

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