Sarka Martin, Night Auditor – July Associate of the Month

Sarka has been a part of the Sanderling family since January of 2014. She was nominated for always being pleasant and positive and covering guest and property issues for all. Being our Night Auditor, Sarka doesn’t get the same guest interaction as our daytime associates, but nevertheless does an amazing job with those she does get to meet as well as our other associates. Sarka is a great problem-solver, and handles issues with a calm and ease anyone could admire. Here’s Sarka’s Q & A after her recognition!


Q. Name an experience you are most proud of:

A. It’s hard to think of something I am most proud of, but I am happy when I can solve  issues, or when I have a guest  who I can help solve their problem, and who really appreciates my  help – and is happy to stay with us. It just creates nice bond between guest and employee.


Barbara Gonzalez, Housekeeping

Suzanne Meadows, Accounting

Susie Nelson, Spa & Kimball’s Kitchen

Bobbie Whelan, Spa

Bobbie Whelan, Spa – August Associate of the Month

BobbieBobbie has been with Sanderling Resort since May of 2013. She was nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty, as well as taking on extra responsibilities and putting in extra hours. All the while, Bobbie keeps a pleasant and cheerful attitude and is always helpful. After graduating from East Carolina University, Bobbie joined the team and has been a joy to work with ever since. Here’s a little Q & A with Bobbie!

Q. Name 3 things you couldn’t live without:

A. Friends and family, The beach, and Target! Bobbie says she enjoys any kind of water sport she can get her hands on when at the beach whether is paddle boarding, kayaking, or just soaking up the sun. Target is one of those things you never truly appreciate until it’s just out of convenient reach- being on the Outer Banks poses it’s limits for one-stop shopping!


Karen Decou, Lifesaving Station

Ashley Elrod, Reservations

Staci Hathaway, Lifesaving Station and Sandbar

Wilailak Mantai, LSS Kitchen

Suzanne Meadows, Accounting

Marlon Reid, Banquets


Marlon Reid, Banquets – 2014 Associate of the Season

MarlonMarlon has been a seasonal associate since April of 2013. Marlon has been nominated for always smiling, working well with other departments, giving 100%, doing anything he is asked with a terrific attitude. Our events season is extremely busy, and the work Marlon does makes everything possible. From sun up to sun down, he works hard to give the best service he can to Sanderling guests, and always with a smile on his face. One of the friendliest associates on property, Marlon is a joy to work with! Here’s a Q & A with Marlon!

Q. If you could learn how to do anything, what would it be?

A. Marlon most wants to learn everything about computers- surfing the web, researching things he’s interested in, and being able to e-mail and web chat with his family when he’s away. He plans to take a 6-week course when he gets back home so he can learn everything he can about them!




Janice Rolston-Chambers, Guest Services – 2014 Associate of the Season

JaniceJanice has been on the Sanderling team since May of 2011. She was nominated for being flexible and taking on additional responsibilities with night audit duties. She is great with our guests and has been mentioned many times in Unifocus. Janice is always very helpful with our guests as well as fellow associates, keeping a positive attitude and smiling face. Read Janice’s Q & A to get to know her a little better!

Q. What’s one of your favorite memories with a guest?

A. A couple came in for breakfast at the Lifesaving Station the morning of their departure- among all the yummy things we offer, they were absolutely thrilled with the granola we make in-house. When I e-mailed them a copy of their receipt after the left to go back home, they asked me for the recipe for the granola. I send them a copy of our best granola recipe, and a few days later they sent back some pictures of their best attempt at it! We were so happy to have given them a touch of Sanderling to take home with them.


Althea Bailey, Housekeeping

Ragny Benjamin, Grounds

Natania Dunkley, Front Desk

Kerry Franklin, Spa

Kevin Lawes, Maintenance

Everton Lecky, Bell Staff

Glen MacLeod, Spa

Randall Reid, Lifesaving Station

Chris Roberts, Bell Staff

Rohan Swaby, Housekeeping

Conrad Williams, Bell Staff

Keoin Williams, Lifesaving Station

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