These lovely ladies breezed through Duck for a short stay at Sanderling Resort on their tour, and we couldn’t help but share all these glamorous Duesenbergs we had the pleasure of seeing.The Duesenberg is a model made by brothers Frederick and August Duesenberg beginning in 1921, with the distinctive “bow tie” style front bumper. Dapper, eh?Among them was the very first Duesenberg from 1921, as well as Clark Gable’s car *swoon*, which is the cream colored beauty you will see below. These cars are kept in pristine condition at all times, and make quite the entrance as a group.


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  1. Love seeing these beautiful creations. The coach work for many of the Duesenbergs were built in my hometown of Connersville, IN; by the McFarlan Automobile Co. They were then transported to Indianapolis for final assembly. The Duesenberg factory still stands in Indy and earlier this year the sign on the side of the factory was restored. Last summer was Connersville’s Bicentennial, we had a car show representing all of the different automobiles that were manufactured in Connersville. We had a Duesenberg, Cord, Lexington, Empire, just to mention a few.


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