Few things get us as excited as a ceremony over looking our beloved Atlantic, with their vows radiating down over their guests- gives us chills every time! Coastal Shots was there to capture every moment we have been pouring over since we saw this wedding- the timeless dress, the stunning florals by Renee Landry, and the amount of gushing we’ve done over that branch-festooned chandelier of dripping soft lavender blooms is no where close to normal. Continue reading

We asked our glam squad from Spa at Sanderling for their best tips on keeping flawless and healthy skin with the harsh winter weather so we could give them to you! Maintain your Outer Banks glow from wherever you are until you come back for your next rejuvenating experience with us utilizing these tricks.  Continue reading

Step 1: Gather your supplies. Browse the grocery store for hot chocolate mixes- peppermint and caramel are surprisingly yummy! Get a variety to bulk up your bar. Your accompaniments can be anything you want! We love pirouette cookies, jumbo marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and peppermint crumbles… yum. Continue reading

When you mix the talents of Bells & Whistles floral and event design and the epic photography skills of Neil GT Photography, serious wedding goodness is never far behind. Factor in our resort nestled between the sound and ocean, and you have all the lovely components of an insanely stunning wedding. This destination soiree epitomized everything romantic that the Outer Banks is. Continue reading

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding day, the exact moment all your hard work has led up to and everything pays off. That single, captivating moment where you and your beau are finally announced after pledging your lives to each other with family and friends ecstatically cheering in the background. All the planning and detailing become worth it, because it’s the moment that matters.  Continue reading