Close your eyes and imagine your wedding day, the exact moment all your hard work has led up to and everything pays off. That single, captivating moment where you and your beau are finally announced after pledging your lives to each other with family and friends ecstatically cheering in the background. All the planning and detailing become worth it, because it’s the moment that matters. The two of you are finally wed, and you’re about to rush to your loved ones who are undeniably ready to show their congratulations- what better way to do that than these enchanting and lovely adornments to your exit!

The tradition of rice tossed upon the newlyweds from the crowd originally meant to wish the two a prosperous, fruitful, and wealthy union. Make this exactly what you wish for your marriage! Some of our favorites from this season have been dried lavender cones, soft peach and pink petals, colorful ribbon streamers, and a sound-side water entrance! {Featured Image by Stephanie A. Smith}


Dried Lavender Cones

Reminiscent of the rolling hills of lavender in France, these dainty cups of dried lavender sprigs are delightfully elegant and smell amazing! Lavender is prized for its fragrance, color and beauty as well as its medicinal purposes in ancient times. Being showered with this heavenly herb makes for a healthy, beautiful marriage- what more could you ask for? {Photo by Brooke Mayo Photographers}

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Soft Rose Petals

The rose, symbolizing love and beauty, holds the perfect wish for your wedding day. The two strongholds for a sound marriage, rose petals add a colorful and dreamlike quality to your first steps as a married couple. Rushing through this divine ensemble of soft florals plant the seeds for a loving and beautiful marriage. {Photo by Neil GT Photography}


Ribbon Streamers

Celebratory ribbons full of vibrant colors are the perfect tone to set a fun, laughter-filled send off, not to mention the absolutely magical photos! Who could resist the well wishes for such a life? We love these ribbon streamers for a send off, and your guests can keep them as a memento from your big day. These can be easily made for the DIY bride, which can be perfect for minimal craftiness with maximum effect. {Photo by Matt Lusk}


Soundside Boat Entrance

Adventurous, exciting and new, this boat entrance speaks volumes to a couple’s style! Especially getting those priceless few minutes alone with each other, our top contender for complete introduction perfection is this sound-side boat ride. A bit different than the other well wishes from loved ones, this introduction says a couple took things into their own hands to do exactly what they wanted. {Photo by Lauren Rogers Photography}



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