Step 1: Gather your supplies. Browse the grocery store for hot chocolate mixes- peppermint and caramel are surprisingly yummy! Get a variety to bulk up your bar. Your accompaniments can be anything you want! We love pirouette cookies, jumbo marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and peppermint crumbles… yum.

Step 2: Set your scene. Pick a display that works best for your event, whether it is a mobile cart or a buffet style table. Once you have selected your location, set out your station ingredients with style. Glass jars, glittering bowls and tiered stands are our top picks. Add a rustic feel with wooden bowls and old tin cans if that’s your aim.

Step 3: Pull it all together. After you set out all your ingredients on your chosen display, make sure to add fun props and labels to accentuate the design. We love miniature evergreen trees in burlap sacks, faux snow, and hanging snowflakes- let your inner artist do the work! Label with miniature signs or one large chalkboard outlining all the trimmings.

Step 4: Drink up! Sample your chocolaty concoctions, because you have to make sure it’s perfect for everyone else…right?

* Turn your kid-friendly hot chocolate bar into an adult soiree by adding flavored liqueurs like Chambord, Frangelica, Grand Marnier, or Peppermint Schnapps!


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