We asked our glam squad from Spa at Sanderling for their best tips on keeping flawless and healthy skin with the harsh winter weather so we could give them to you! Maintain your Outer Banks glow from wherever you are until you come back for your next rejuvenating experience with us utilizing these tricks. 


  • Here are some tips to a radiant complexion!
    • * Be consistent with your skin care routine.
    • * Store beauty products in a cool dry spot. Stop hanging on to beauty products for more than 6 months. Especially mascara.
    • * Use clean brushes when applying makeup.
    • * If you have oily skin try drying your face with a paper towel. If you use the same towel for a few days it could spread bacteria and oil. A paper towel is a great one time use to help keep your skin clean.


  • Exfoliating is the most unused beauty routine. Exfoliation is simple and can be very effective, this beauty trick should be in everyone’s routine! You shed dead skin cells daily but as you age the process slows down, trapping oil and dirt that can cause problems for your skin. Exfoliating helps of the process of removal of the buildup of dead skin cells and promotes healthy glowing skin on both the face and the body.
  • Sanderling Spa services that incorporate a full body scrub are our popular Signature Massage & Brown Sugar Scrub. Our highly trained team of technicians will create a custom experience just for you. Another service to try is the Outer Banks Detox to get your exfoliation on. Begin with a fully body scrub then proceed into a rhassoul clay wrap, leaving your skin soft and nourished.
  • Must have exfoliant products
    • For the face – BABOR Mild Peeling Gommage
    • For the body – Brown Sugar Body Scrub from Deserving Thyme.

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