Our wedding team is a rock-star group that pulls off weddings from 10 people to 250 with confidence and style. Long days and longer nights are the usual suspects of our team- proof of the dedication and support you will receive when hosting your wedding at Sanderling. Whether it’s choosing the perfect space for your […]

Dipping temperatures in the Fall give all the more excitement to Sanderling Resort’s favorite fall pastime. Bundling up in your coziest sweater, saddling up to a roaring fire, and listening to the waves crash just over the dunes sets the scene for just one thing… Sanderling S’mores! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a […]

Every year we celebrate the amazing staff we have around the holidays, showing our appreciation for the effort and dedication we see throughout the entire year. Take a look at who will be a part of the team that makes Sanderling so special. STACI HATHAWAY ASSOCIATE OF THE YEAR 2014 Congratulations to Staci Hathaway, Bartender at […]

There’s just something about seeing a barefoot bride on these pristine beaches we call home that simply does it for us. Pack it up and call it a day, because this wedding is the epitome of the playful, classically coastal wedding we’ve all been dreaming of. Pearls and a vintage dress are sure winners in our […]

Here on the banks we are bursting to the brim with holiday cheer! We have decorated to the limit every tree in sight, strung lights on anything that isn’t moving, hung our wreaths every possible place and stocked up on the ever present hot coco and cookies. WE.ARE.READY. Now, we want to hear from YOU!!! We’ve compiled […]

They’ve done it again.. our spa is always giving us some amazing advice to keep our minds clear and our bodies energized! These tips on getting through the holidays are certainly ones we will be partaking in. Call to book a massage with one of our talented therapists to keep you relaxed through the new […]

Few things get us this excited around the holidays as when Sanderling takes a turn for the merrier. Boughs of greenery, twinkling lights, and adorned trees seemingly fly up over night, transforming our coastal getaway into a holiday palace. Nothing warms you up like the sight of a full Christmas tree, am I right? Right! […]

“The waves of the sea help me get back to me.”