Every year we celebrate the amazing staff we have around the holidays, showing our appreciation for the effort and dedication we see throughout the entire year. Take a look at who will be a part of the team that makes Sanderling so special.




Congratulations to Staci Hathaway, Bartender at Lifesaving Station, Sandbar, and Beach House Bar, who was selected Associate of the Year for 2014.  Staci has been part of Sanderling Resort’s team since May of 2013.  Staci was selected for always having a smiling, welcoming face for our guests and associates.  She brings creative ideas to the resort and shows a passion for her industry.  Staci is a true hospitality professional who adds the exceptional touch to our guest’s experience. Staci says she loves getting to interact with her guests, which she loves getting to do at the Sandbar.



Congratulations to Nancy Russell, Guest Services Manager at the Front Office, who was selected as Manager of the Year for 2014.  Nancy started in her position at Sanderling on April 1, 2013.  Nancy exceeds guests expectations on a daily basis, and is known for her helpfulness and friendliness.  In addition, Nancy is a great team player with managers and associates alike. Nancy is always someone you can count on if there’s something you need help with during your stay at Sanderling- big or small. Nancy was among the following Managers of the Quarter for 2014:

Tom Stagikas, LSS—2nd Quarter

Matt Jones, Kimball’s Kitchen—3rdQuarter

Hugh McCain, Accounting—4th Quarter



Congratulations to Jim Brandalik, Server at Lifesaving Station Restaurant and Night Auditor, who was selected Associate of the Month for November 2014.  Jim began as a Server in the Lifesaving Station in August of 2014.  Jim took on additional duties as Night Auditor in November.  Jim was nominated for being flexible, accommodating, and having a pleasant attitude. Jim loves being able to see guests in the Lifesaving Station, and find out what their plans are for their time spent with us.

Jim was among the following fellow nominees:

Vernette Barco—Housekeeping

Taylor Cerwin—Sales

Charles Haskett—Engineering

Sarka Martin—Accounting

Viviana Saenz—Spa



Congratulations to Taylor Cerwin in the Sales Department who was selected Associate of the Month for December 2014.  Taylor began as Sales Administrative Assistant in April of 2014. During wedding season, Taylor is the master behind the scenes helping Debbie and Alicia on wedding day. During the off-season,  Taylor focuses on submitting weddings to blogs and publications and all things social media related.  Taylor always jumps right in to assist and has allowed the Sales Department to focus on booking and detailing more by handling inquiries and social media.  Taylor was among the following fellow nominees:

Theresa Brumsey—Laundry

Wanda Dowell—Lifesaving Station

Sarka Martin—Accounting

Vicky Whitehurst—Housekeeping




Congratulations to Hugh McCain, F&B Controller, who was selected as Manager of the 4th Quarter 2014.  Hugh began his career with Sanderling Resort in Receiving in August of 2005.  Hugh is helpful, patient, and kind to all. Although he’s not always working with guests directly, Hugh makes each and every thing our guests enjoy possible from our restaurants to weddings.

Hugh was among the following fellow nominees:

Janice Beasley—Housekeeping

Peggy Cox—Reservations

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  1. Congratulations, Staci, for being named Associate of the Year for 2014! Thank you for taking such great care of the Callaway Family during our April and November stays at the Sanderling.
    We wish you continued success in the New Year! Hope to see you when we next visit one of our favorite resorts. Pete, Truly, and Carlin Callaway (from Centennial, CO and Norfolk, VA).

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