The absolutely majestic wild horses of Corolla are a sight you won’t want to miss while visiting our destination. Their history holds an amazing story, one known by the guides of Corolla Outback who will most certainly tell the tale on their tours. Whether you are looking for a family adventure while you’re here or just in need of some time off the beach, this tour comes highly recommended. The guides at Corolla Outback will search the land for where the ponies are hiding out, trying their best for you to get a good look and all the pictures you can manage. The tour itself is a blast- riding down the 4×4 beaches of Corolla with the Atlantic breeze in your hair and sun on your face. It’s a perfect outing for your bridal party if you’re looking for something fun to do, or a trip during your stay post-wedding! Meet Jay Bender of Corolla Outback while your at our Showcase in March to find out more about this Outer Banks adventure.

You can learn more about the Outer Banks Wedding Showcase on Saturday, March 14th from 11- 4pm at Sanderling Resort and purchase tickets here.


Photo by Brooke Mayo Photographers