Featured Photo:  Drop Bags for Aid Stations by Solo Runners

The Outer Banks is known for it’s scenic landscapes- vacationers sink their toes up the dunes of Jockey’s Ridge, bike around the quaint town of Duck, let the sea breezes blow through their hair on the beach… all the things you love doing here. A long few hours at the beach in the summer sun can make a nap in the shade irresistible, a short bike ride through town always includes a stop for lunch- but there’s a select group of people who laugh in the face of these activities. In fact, they giggle with excitement a the thought of a quick 100-mile jog from Corolla Lighthouse to The Graveyard of the Atlantic. Crazy, you say? Impossible?

We had the pleasure of hosting the baddest of bad, the seriously dedicated and somewhat masochistic ultra runners of the Graveyard 100. A grueling race beginning at 5 AM on March 7th at Corolla Lighthouse where the runners from around the world commenced their little spree, knowing they would be on their own for 50 miles before being allowed pacers after the Bonner Bridge. Yes! We said FIFTY MILES. ALONE. Over half the field did all 100 miles uncrewed for a shiny two-toned buckle.  Normally the Outer Banks is a lovely, serene place to relax, but that’s not what these “vacationers” we met with. They were facing low temperatures in our winter months when dark, a blazing sun beating down on their faces, and a very long stretch of road where there’s not much but the sand scratching across your face with the wind to keep you company. Not your usual beach vacation, needless to say.


This kind of accomplishment deserved the most we could offer, including 2 AM coffee stations, boxed lunches available for order, discounted spa treatments, meeting space for packet pick-up and drop-bag drop off spaces, and specially planned menus for the athletes preparing to carb-up for the task. Our runners had everything they needed at their fingertips, with a great location so close to the starting point. Take a look here for some more information on this race, which we look forward to hosting again next year. Think you can handle this side of the Outer Banks?





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