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One of the first feelings when you get engaged is the immediate rush of emotion thinking there are a million things that have to be done right now- advice from your mom, your sister, your aunt, etc. What you may not realize is how much simpler it could all be with the help of a professional planner. Someone who’s been through this wedding rodeo once or twice, and doesn’t blink if the groomsmen do not know how to tie a bow, we’re short a bridesmaid’s bouquet or someone’s cousin has made too many trips to the bar. There are independent wedding planners, amazing individuals who are , available to you for a fee. There are also venue coordinators, who typically organize the venue’s team and functions at your contracted wedding venue and are primarily looking after the welfare of the venue. Then, there’s us.

Our full-service, client-oriented approach to weddings make us a unique combination of wedding and venue coordinators. We typically work with our Sanderling couples for over a year  planning their wedding to perfect every second of their big day. Since so many of our weddings are destination weddings for our clients, this means endless e-mails, extensive planning calls, and near constant contact once on property. When wedding day finally rolls around for each couple, our hearts are overjoyed at the long-time-coming excitement of a flawlessly executed wedding for the friends we have made. After all, we have been planning all of the down to the minute details for over a year! We are orchestrating perfection from sun up to well past the last guest’s departure from the dance floor, with smiles on our faces and happiness in our souls. Every element has been  touched by us- getting ready, coordinating vendors, last minute triple checks, the walk down the aisle, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and the oh so carefully timed sunset pictures. Things many do not normally think of, we have you covered- Checking in with the best man before the DJ announces it’s time for the toast to make sure he’s not on a bathroom break, or making sure the florist delivers the bouquet before your pre-ceremony pictures with your photographer.

There are so many services we provide that a third-party planner offers, and certainly much more than any venue coordinator normally does. Creating a day-of timeline, personal guidance like suggestions on handling difficult situations, rehearsal management, keeping track of payment due dates, wedding emergency kit (with anything under the sun you might need), creating a well-balanced menu, and even reviewing your vendor contracts.  . When you book your wedding at Sanderling, you have the undivided attention of your Wedding Coordinator along with the entire Sanderling wedding team and all of our resources at your fingertips. Here’s a glimpse of what a typical wedding day looks like for us.


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