Our Food and Beverage Manager, Matt Jones, creates the restaurant experience you receive here at Sanderling. He hand selects and trains our culinary staff, ensures the excellence of each restaurant on property to Sanderling standard and sets the high bar for customer service in all of our food outlets. Also the resort’s in-house Sommelier, Matt is a Level 2 certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Hailing from Los Angeles before he landed on the Outer Banks and found us at Sanderling, Matt graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Management. Matt has been working with Sanderling since May 2012, holding several positions in our culinary department.  His unique knowledge on all things Sanderling culinary give him unique and invaluable insight into keeping our restaurants functioning to the best of their ability and our guests happy! On your next trip to Sanderling, make sure to stop in and say hello to Matt and the rest of our culinary team in any of our restaurants. Our team is looking forward to seeing you all soon!

When I think of why I like wine, I think of the French term, terroir. It’s the concept that wine represents its place of origin- the soil, climate, terrain, the care of it’s grower and the expression of it’s winemaker. A bottle of wine tells a story of where it comes from and it’s always different. Although I do enjoy tasting great wine, mostly I believe wine is at it’s best when it’s paired right with great food and enjoyed with great company. I really like that my job at Sanderling allows me to be apart of that experience.

With over 50 selections at the Lifesaving Station and over 200 at Kimball’s Kitchen my approach to the wine lists is the same- I pick wines that I think pair great with the menu and I try to keep them constantly evolving. I want our guests to enjoy looking through the wine list and are able to find both familiar wines and obscure wines to try at a comfortable price.

– Matt Jones


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