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We are spotlighting an employee that guests may not know we have, but is definitely worth chatting with while visiting. Elizabeth Davenport is our ever-loving, Adventure Concierge. You will find her next to our Front Desk recommending some of the best places to visit on the Outer Banks. Whether it’s food, adventure, relaxation or anywhere in between, she will likely know a place for you. She by far, has one of the best jobs on-property getting to know so many guests visiting our resort. If she is not able to recommend a place for you, she will be sure to research and get back to you, as researching anything and everything is one of her favorite pastimes.

Elizabeth heads two children’s programs we have weekly during the summer season. Let’s Go Soaring is on Mondays from 2-4pm, where you can learn about the Wright Brother’s and why they chose the Outer Banks to take flight. Beach Memories is on Tuesdays from 2-4pm. Take what you have found on the beach to create your own memory of the sea. She makes sure to make each of these programs are an interactive learning experience for all.

Whether you are looking for dinner reservations at a particular restaurant, or are just looking for a delicious dish on the Outer Banks, she is there for you. If you are a outdoors-man looking for some trails to run along, or wanting to book tee times at a local golf course, she has more than one option for you. Her favorite thing to recommend on the Outer Banks is a visit to the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, a gorgeous place to take in all the natural beauty of the Outer Banks. It is a great place for all ages and sizes. Ask more about it when you see her at the concierge desk!

Elizabeth shares with us how fortunate she is to live in such a stunning geographical location, sharing her love for the Outer Banks with travelers every day. Although she is not able to travel the world as often as she would like, she is still learning about the world every day due to the plethora of guests that come through the door from all over the world! It is her goal to learn something new every day whether it be a new place to recommend, or something a guest mentioned about where they are from. Here at the Sanderling Resort we are about building relationships and expanding our knowledge every day.

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  1. My family has known and loved this very special person since she was a mere babe performing on her Colonial Dr, Collinsville VA front porch with her bro……and friends that she could talk into being on stage! “Love at First Sight” is very appropriate! Some peeps never change! Thank God🙏🏻


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