Do you ever walk along the beach and see colorful pieces of glass wondering what it is and how it got there? This beautiful piece of nature is called seaglass. It is the process of old glass that has been physically and chemically weathered by salt water to become a beautiful piece of artwork crafted by the ocean.


Here at the Sanderling Resort, we have the lovely, Lou Francani, from Lou’s Seaside Gifts in Nags Head, visit weekly in the summertime. For only $5, she will teach you to craft a beautiful necklace of your own. All pieces for necklace making are provided, unless you’ve found a treasure of your own and you’d like to craft into a necklace.

She also sells her beautiful artwork, seen below. Ranging from earrings, to bracelets, pendants and even breathtaking necklaces, she has a collection of artwork you must see! Everything is available for sell, sometimes even a piece she is wearing! Each piece is handcrafted. She adds twists and turns in the wire wraps to make each one a unique piece of artwork. She has been creating seaglass wire wrap jewelry for over 8 years now, and has been self-taught, fine-tuning her talents each time she creates a new piece!

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The seaglass she uses in her pieces are mostly pieces that come from the Caribbean and in and around Puerto Rico. Many brown, green, and white pieces are found right here in the Outer Banks (many being pieces she has collected over the years). Colors she may have depend on what’s been found recently. Many colors are very hard to come by such as purple, teal and pink.  While walking near the ocean’s edge be on the look out for your own seaglass.


Be sure to stop by on Mondays from 11am-2pm to visit with Lou and learn how to wrap your own sea glass. If you didn’t catch her this year, be on the lookout for when she may return next season!



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