Tony was born and raised right here on the Outer Banks. Growing up on the Sandbar sure has it’s perks, such as knowing what season is the best for different types of seafood coming right off the Outer Banks coast. As a teenager, Tony started from the bottom up as a line cook. Working his way up, he gained much of his banquet cooking experience while working at Kelly’s for their catering team. His favorite memory of his time working there was when they traveled to the University of North Carolina to cater the men’s basketball team the night before their big game against Duke.

When it comes to cooking, Tony loves all types of food! He tends to focus on authentic Mexican and Cajun/Creole recipes. When at home, he is most likely whipping up a delicious Thai dish he has concocted through the years. He has always utilized as much fresh, local ingredients as possible when cooking and this is why he has come to love the Sanderling! He is able to utilize this motto to the fullest as Sanderling focuses on S.O.A.L (Sustainable, Organic, Artisanal and Local) food.

In Tony’s position, he will be working on creating dishes for our wedding and corporate events. He is excited to bring his artistry skills to the table. He was taught that “the first bite is eaten with your eyes”, and he is excited to impart his talents to add to client’s special event.

We are thrilled to have Tony as part of our team, and look forward to his culinary masterpieces!


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