December 22, 2016

Holiday Traditions

Every year around the holiday season, holiday traditions make an appearance. You may not realize it, but you’ve been recognizing it year-after-year for as long as you can remember! We are here to tell you where some of these traditions originate from!!

Underneath the Mistletoe

Mistletoe has been known as a plant that brings life and fertility for centuries, but many historians also believe the story comes from Norse mythology. As the story goes,  the god Odin’s son, Baldur was killed by an arrow made of mistletoe. His mother, the goddess, Frigg, wept tears on his wound that turned into white berries, bringing him back to life. Hence, why for centuries, mistletoe has become known as a plant that brings “life”! There are many versions of the story with people believing it once ended badly, but through the years people have turned it into a happy ending full of life. There are many other reasons why people believe kissing under the mistletoe has become a tradition around the world, but we’ll leave you with this!


Santa Will Be Comin’ Down The Chimney Tonight

Well, back in the day, it was always frigid out around Christmas. People didn’t want to leave a door open for Santa to get in because they would let in the cold, but many people had a chimney or a smoke hole that was always open to release the smoke. The chimney was always open, being the best place for Santa to enter the house to leave presents for everyone!


Did Someone Say Milk and Cookies?

Leaving out milk and cookies for Santa has become an American tradition that truly took off in the 1930s during the Great Depression. It was a way for parents to teach their kids it was important to give to others and show gratitude for gifts they were lucky enough to receive! Today, children’s most popular choice of cookies for Santa in America are chocolate chip cookies and Oreos. Did you know in Ireland, Santa usually receives a pint of Guinness with his cookies?!

The Gift of Giving

While many people believe the gift of giving came from the story of the three wise men who brought gold, frankincense, and mire to baby Jesus, people also believe it goes back even further to the ceremonies of Saturnalia. Romans believed the gift of giving would bring good fortune in the coming year.


These are a few traditions we have learned the meaning behind this holiday season. Many of these are one version of generations of stories, therefore you will find many more tales to these traditions! Now we want to hear about your holiday traditions!! Leave a comment about your favorite holiday tradition, whether it be Grandma’s mashed potatoes or leaving fruity pebbles out for the reindeer (yes, I said fruity pebbles) for your chance to win a one-night stay through our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!!

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  1. Making an ornament each year that reminds us of something special that happened during the year. This year it was a wedding cake replica from our wedding at the Sanderling!

  2. As a kid our parents always decorated the tree after we went to bed. Looking back, I’m not sure how they did it–but it sure made Christmas Day magic!…

  3. Driving around to see all the amazing Christmas lights!

  4. Baking sugar cookies with my kids. Going to drive-thru light displays while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

  5. My parents still fill our childhood stockings with toys and treats every year. I am 44 now and opening our stockings is our favorite part of Christmas. Not so much for the gifts, but for all the memories of Christmas with family over the years.

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is Getting up Christmas morning & opening presents while the sausage & egg casserole is baking. The smell in the house…the laughter of the family ….the sweet smiles & .the joy in the air. There is nothing like it. 🌲💞

  7. We go as a family to cut down our Christmas tree and then drink eggnog and listen to Christmas music while we decorate it!


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