Ever walk down the beach wondering what shell that is or what egg this is? Now is your chance to take in as much knowledge about our beautiful ecosystem called the Outer Banks. With only a few dates left this year, make sure to attend one of our Sanderling Beach Walk events hosted by the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island.

Use different tools to measure salinity, pH, wind speed, air temperatures, and more while exploring the beach with a trained professional of the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island. Learn about how you impact the beach, how the slope of the beach changes with the seasons, and more. After learning about observations made, take a walk the following day to look for new observations!

This is a family-friendly learning experience for all ages and sizes. This activity is complimentary to all Sanderling guests.Check out our events schedule to see when the next Beach Walk will be. If you are in town, this is an activity you do not want to miss out on! Meet in the Beach House Lobby at 10am for an hour long beach walk. If you missed out this year, be on the look out for next year!


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