You may be wondering what all this talk about the Solar Eclipse coming up on August 21st is. We are here to give you the scoop!

A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth to create a shadow (or darkness) over Earth. Although a solar eclipse happens every 18 months, this will be the first coast to coast eclipse for the United States since 1918 – that’s 99 years!! The total eclipse (meaning the moon will entirely cover the sun) will span through 14 states, but a partial eclipse will span the entire continental U.S. Here in the Outer Banks, we are expected to see the eclipse at about 90%. The viewing of the solar eclipse on the Outer Banks is expected to begin at approximately 1:23pm, maximum eclipse at 2:49pm, and ending at approximately 4:09pm.

Special eye wear is advised for viewing this phenomenon. Regular sunglasses are NOT safe to view the eclipse. See more information below for the appropriate times to wear your glasses. Be reminded that we will not be able to see the total eclipse here on the Outer Banks, therefore you should not take off your glasses for the entirety of the eclipse.

Be sure to arrive to your viewing destination well before the eclipse begins to settle in and figure out where the sun will be positioned by the start of the event. Be aware of your surroundings as the eclipse begins. You will experience some very interesting things during the eclipse. Crickets and frogs may begin chirping thinking that nighttime is upon us. Some nocturnal animals such as foxes and owls may be seen. Crescent shaped shadows may be seen in your surroundings. This is a filtered image of the sun. You may want to bring a blanket as it may become cool outside due to a drop in infrared radiation. For a list of other interesting facts about the upcoming solar eclipse, click here: Solar Eclipse Fun Facts.

There are a multitude of viewing opportunities throughout the entire continental U.S. for this spectacular event. If you will be visiting the Outer Banks, consider making the trek up Jockey’s Ridge to view the event where glasses will be provided at the Visitor Center. The NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island will also be holding a viewing party. Games, programs, and activities hosted by their educators will be available to learn more about the event throughout the day. General admission for the aquarium is required. Corolla Village will be holding an event where you may receive glasses for a small donation along with other events for families and children. Here at the Sanderling Resort, the front desk will be passing out glasses for viewing on property.

This event is a science phenomenon you do not want to miss out on! Plan your trip to view the solar eclipse today!

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