Did you know?

  • The queen bee is the largest in a bee hive and her sole purpose is to reproduce.
  • The queen bee is the only one who can lay eggs. She’s also able to lay between 1,500-2,000 eggs a day.
  • The queen bee also controls the aggression of the hive.
  • For a lavare to become a queen bee she is fed royalty jelly and has a special built for her.
  • All worker bees are female.
  • Worker bees maintain the hive and have various jobs throughout their life span.
  • Some of the working bees jobs include:
    • Nursing young worker bees
    • Attending to the queen bee
    • Guarding the hive
    • Collecting Nectar
  • Drones are male bees and their sole purpose is to mate with the queen. However, the queen will only mate with 6-8 drones.
  • Shortly after a drone mates with a queen bee they die.
  • The rejected drones will be kicked out of the hive by the working bees.


What’s the buzz on Sanderling bees? 

  • In April 2017 we started a hive of Italian Honey Bees. Our Chef selected these specific bees because of their good work ethic and they are known to be less aggressive.
  • We currently have about 45,000 bees in one hive!
  • The average amount of honey per hive per year is 80-100 pounds of honey. In six months, we have produced 45 pounds of honey!


What is special about our Sanderling honey? 

  • Here at  Sanderling we pride ourselves in our honey because of the unique and original taste. Our bees feed from a Russian olive tree, which gives the honey a vanilla taste and clear amber appearance!

How are they used here at Sanderling? 

  • Our Chef uses the honey for smoking winter dishes and cheese platters.
  • The spa is working with a local company to create a facial balm made of wax.



We teamed up with the Outer Banks Candle Co. and made the Sanderling Honey Hive canle. Purchase your Sanderling Candle made from our honey bees. Contact the Sanderling Spa today!


What to do when you see a swarm of bees? 

If you see a swarm of bees it’s best to contact a bee keeper. Throwing objects or pesticides can often provoke bees. There are a huge decline in honey bees so we should try our best to preserve the little creatures who help with our flowers and crops.

If you’re unable to find a local bee keeper check out this link or contact a local farmer to seek additional information.

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