January 24, 2018

Micro Greens

What are Micro Greens?

  • Also known as vegetable confetti.
  • Micro Greens are tiny form of young edible greens produced from vegetable, herb or other plants.
  • They range in size from 1″ to 1 ½” long, including the stem and leaves.
  • A MicroGreen has a single central stem which has been cut just above the soil line during harvesting.

How do you grow Micro Greens? 

  1. Measure the pH level of your water. Typically micro greens like slightly acidic water. You will need to drop the water pH to 6-6.5. You can do this by adding lemon juice.
  2. Cover the bottom of the container with an inch or two of moistened potting soil or mix. Flatten and level it with your hand.
  3. Sew the seed by scattering the seeds evenly on top of the soil. Press gently into the soil using your hand. If the seeds bounce in the soil the soil is not damp enough.
  4. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Dampen the surface with a mister. If you prefer, you can skip this step and instead cover the container with a black out dome until the seeds are sprouted.
  5. While waiting for sprouts to appear use the mister once or twice daily to keep the soil moist but not wet.
  6. When the seeds have sprouted after 4-5 days (depending on the seed) is ready for light.
  7. Remove the cover and maintain moisture and continue to mist once or twice a day.
  8. After full light between 4-6 days (depending on the seed) it becomes ready for harvest. You will want to place micro greens in a non-moist paper towel. Excess moisture will deteriorate your harvested micro greens. 
  9. Crop with Scissors

Be sure not to leave the microgreens in the soil for too long because they will become root-bound. This occurs when the roots try to escape and the microgreens will start chocking themselves out. Typically after they are harvested and cropped they are good between 3-5 days depending on how it is stored.

What are they used for?


MicroGreens can have surprisingly intense flavors considering their small size though not as strong as mature greens and herbs. MicroGreens are used as a fresh flavor ingredient primarily in fine dining restaurants. These restaurants place a strong emphasis on both the creative presentation and flavor of their dishes. Usually microgreens are used for fancy garnishes for soups and main courses, salad ingredients and sandwich toppings.


Did you know? 

The Sanderling grows microgreens! Here’s what we’ve grown:


  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Purple Radish
  • Tatsoi
  • Basic Salad Mix
  • Detroit Red Beet
  • Amaranth

 What does the Sanderling Resort do with MicroGreens? 

Usually microgreens are used for fancy garnishes for soups and main courses, salad ingredients and sandwich toppings. Below are a few dishes we’ve used the microgreens  we’ve grown!

Left: Herb roasted winter vegetable salad finished with blended salad mixed micro greens. 
Right: Socca Torte with Mediterranean vegetables feta cheese and purple radish micro greens

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