Light and airy, as fresh as an Outer Bank’s breeze, Julie Dreelin Beach Production‘s work is simply divine. The bright, eye-catching images she creates are magical and evoke the emotions you want to remember from your special day.




Julie is known for her easy-going manner on site, making you and your wedding guests feel comfortable being photographed. Unless you are a celebrity, you probably aren’t used to being photographed hundreds of times a day being documented in every emotional state. Much of a photographer’s job is to help the subject (you!) feel at ease in front of the lens so you have happy images. Julie is so amazing at this and it reflects in her work. Meet Julie and get to know her style as a photographer at our Meet + Greet.




You can learn more about the Outer Banks Meet + Greet on Saturday, March 10th from 5-9pm at Sanderling Resort and purchase tickets here.

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