Some of our favorite, most vibrant photos have been from Coastal Shots Photography from years past in the Outer Banks. Husband and wife duo, Ryan and Hayley Deigelmann, produce a charismatic energy through their images enviable by any photographer. It could be from their fun approach to getting couples comfortable in front of the camera, or their easy-going attitude in the chaos of wedding day. Either way, Coastal Shots is a sure bet for your wedding day.


Sunsets on the Outer Banks are absolutely breathtaking and this team always gets the most stunning shots with the newlyweds right as the sun is dipping below the horizon. Requiring extensive planning to get the images each couple wants, the seamless way each of their weddings is handled speaks volumes to their professionalism. Don’t worry- you have a chance to meet them and book them for your own wedding!

You can learn more about the Outer Banks Meet + Greet on Saturday, March 10th from 5-9pm at Sanderling Resort and purchase tickets here.


Bassett_Kim Coastal Shots (7)


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  1. These 2 are terrific! On my daughter’s day the weather was not terrific (very windy) they made the best of the beach shots and were great to work with.


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