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As part of our weekly events at Sanderling Resort, we were joined by Dennis Pohl, President of the Network of Endangered Sea Turtles, also known as N.E.S.T. This organization is made up of volunteers who support the preservation of sea turtles and their natural habitats!



You’ve probably seen Loggerheads, Greens, or Leatherback sea turtles in aquariums, but did you know that all of these sea turtles are right here in our backyards in the Outer Banks? From the Virginia State Line down to Oregon Inlet, there are 17 sea turtle nests alone! Dennis shared some great history with the guests, including that turtles can wait 17 to 35 years to lay eggs and usually return to the same place they were born to lay their eggs!

While Dennis made learning these turtle facts fun, he also expressed the importance of saving these endangered creatures. Unfortunately, more and more plastic is finding its way into our ocean – including plastic straws, shopping bags, and balloons. We need to do our part to save these sea turtles. In our effort to save our backyard friends, Sanderling Resort has introduced eco-friendly cups and straws for our guests! Our new Eco cups are made with 100% renewable resources, and we now have earth friendly paper straws! Reducing our plastic to help save one sea turtle at a time!

What can you do to help? 

  1. Turn off outside ocean-facing lights, and all other lights during a hatching event. And remember, no flash photography!
  2. Leave the nest site undisturbed, obey all signs, and stay out of marked areas.
  3. Use less plastic! You can use paper straws, reusable bags, and recycled materials instead. And always remember to pick up your litter and keep our beaches clean!

We can’t wait to have this summer event held again on August 8th. Don’t miss out!

Learn more about the N.E.S.T. organization and volunteering opportunities in the Outer Banks here.

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