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This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for (& possibly been dreaming about your whole life!) So you have the ring on your finger and you start thinking…now what? This is where we can help! Although there’s no strict order to how you do things, we’ve provided a little list to help you through one of the happiest moments of your life!



That’s right, you deserve it! Soak in all the love sent your way. Answer those phone calls from family, sweet texts from friends, and enjoy your new relationship status on Facebook. You get to marry the love of your life, & that’s definitely worth toasting to!

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Set A Date!

(even if it’s not the date)

One of the first things people will ask after seeing your new rock is “So when’s the wedding?” At this point you haven’t even had the chance to look at the calendar yet! The best thing to do is sit down together & choose a date that works for both of you. If it’s still too soon, choose a vague season so you can have somewhat of an answer for those family and friends!

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Get Inspired!

Go ahead & sign yourself up for that Pinterest account! Your saved boards will be a great tool to share with your planner and florist to guide them toward your vision for the day. Start a Google Docs to keep pictures, save the Instagram posts, & look through magazines your best friends sent you. This is the time to daydream! You’ll start getting an idea of the look you’re going for, & the colors that you fall in love with.



Talk Numbers

Money talks, but unfortunately, no one likes to talk about money. Although this isn’t a favorite, it is important to do before you move forward with more planning. Start putting away in savings and reach out to parents to see if they are comfortable contributing to the big day. Another number to talk about? The guest list. The budget & guest list go hand-in-hand. The less guests you have, the farther your budget will go.


Choose A Venue

The venue you choose will influence the whole feel of your day. It will also allow you to narrow down choices from the guest count to the color palette. Just make sure that you feel comfortable! Keep in mind that for an outdoor wedding, you should always have a plan B space just in case of the dreaded rain. Here at  Sanderling Resort, our brides & grooms that book with us will always have a backup space, it’s in our contract! And surprise, you even get a wedding planner when you book with us! It’ll help ease your worries & give you a helpful vision for your day.

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Choose Your Wedding Party

How many is too many? Before you pop the question to your friends, discuss a comfortable number with your new fiance. Does it have to be an even number? Are you having a best man & a maid of honor? Do you want to include all of your siblings? You don’t want to hurt any feelings, but ultimately it is YOUR day. Choose the people that can keep you organized, make you happy, keep you sane, & those who will help you enjoy your day to the fullest!

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Find THE Dress

Now.. for the fun part! Maybe you know exactly what dress you want, or maybe you have no idea at all. That’s completely okay! Start by looking online & see what catches your eye. You may be drawn to slimmer styles rather than huge ball gowns or beaded gowns instead of all lace. Just make sure to book an appointment early enough to order your dress in time for the big day. You can bring all your bridesmaids, or make it a trip for just you & mom. Either way, do what will make you feel most comfortable. Have fun – & remember, your new fiancé will love you in any dress you choose!

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Sit back, relax, & enjoy your engagement!

Happy Planning!

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