It’s that time of the year again! Summertime means Kimball’s Kitchen is officially open for the season headlined by our new Chef de Cuisine, Davis Hood. Chef Hood began his culinary career in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina. Throughout the years he has strived to broaden his knowledge of the industry by working in high-end resorts and restaurants in Colorado, Hawaii, New York and New Mexico. His most recent occupation as the Executive Sous Chef at Vermejo Park Ranch gave him the experience of working on a 600,000 acre luxury resort and bison ranch owned by Ted Turner. This position allowed Chef Hood to create and explore new seasonal produce and menu items throughout the year.  With the creative freedom of working in such an exclusive and private area, Chef Hood was able to further develop his personality through each dish. He also gained the experience of overseeing the three food and beverage outlets on the property.

Throughout his travels Chef Hood has delved into many different cultures and styles of cooking including Southwestern, Seafood, Italian, Alpine Cuisine, Pacific Rim, Hawaiian, Wood Cookery, Steakhouse and Modern American/Low Country. The constant and overarching theme in all of his dishes is the importance of using local, fresh ingredients wherever he goes. Each new location has added a new flare to his cooking style and expertise, but what always holds true is the use of local ingredients and classic techniques. Although he has worked all over the country, Chef Hood longed to return to the hospitality and cuisine of the South.

Chef Hood’s goal for Kimball’s Kitchen is to let Mother Nature’s true flavors shine through in each dish, bringing fresh, local ingredients to the highest par.


“Mother Nature is the true artist and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine”

-Marco Pierre White

When asked what he hopes to accomplish at Kimball’s Kitchen, Chef Hood brought it to a very personalized level, answering, “I want each guest to walk away with a better experience than they could have imagined.” Chef Hood is determined to exceed expectations and surround himself with people who can share knowledge and mutually grow in their careers.

As the premier fine dining restaurant on the Outer Banks, Kimball’s Kitchen strives to bring excellence to the table while embracing the local culture through seasonal, local, and organic foods. 90% of the products used are sourced within a 100 mile radius of the restaurant itself. All in all, it is obvious that Chef Hood represents our Sanderling core values of S.O.A.L. cuisine (Sustainable, Organic, Artisanal, Local).

Make a reservation at Kimball’s Kitchen and see if the experience exceeds your imagination!

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  1. One of the best chefs I know!

  2. You won’t be sorry that Chef Hood has arrived!!!
    He grew up on the Isle of Palms, above Charleston. At an early age he rode his skateboard to the Mariana Restaurant to work.
    Every venue Chef Hood has worked for has become a better place where, “diners expectations are exceeded”!
    He delivers!


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