You’re going to want to book an evening spa treatment in February to catch the next full moon. The Full Snow Moon appears in the early evening on February 9th. The Spa at Sanderling will be switching off the lights and keeping its doors open a little later for you to pamper yourself by the moonlight! Picture a candlelit oasis to enjoy your spa treatment…


Why Full ‘Snow’ Moon? Traditionally Native American tribes found that the month of February held the most snowfall. With the colder temperatures and precipitation, hunting and gathering became extremely difficult. Being with friends and family in this time became a priority to the tribes as they would huddle together by the fire. 


At the Spa at Sanderling on Sunday, February 9th we will be enjoying a full snow moon and this special time of year when the beach bustle is at its quietest. The Spa will turn the lights off leaving only the peaceful glow of candles and moonlight to guide us through an evening of specially curated spa treatments from the massage and bath soaks menu.

Before or after your spa services, guests are encouraged to join us at the Beach House firepit for 15 minutes of quiet meditation lead by Julia Daniels. These complimentary meditation sessions start at 6:30pm and 7:30pm.


Contact our Spa at Sanderling by calling 252.261.7744 to reserve your moonlit relaxation! This is one night of serenity you do not want to miss…


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