Ahh the relaxation a massage provides.  But did you know there’s actually quite a few more benefits to a massage than just soothing muscles? Getting a massage can actually burn anywhere from 65-120 calories per session. Skip the gym and treat yourself at the same time! Massages may be the oldest form of medical care […]

Our spa has been working around the clock to raise the bar on our offerings, all for you! In addition to many other fun things (more on that coming soon!), we have added BABOR to our signature product line! A natural, luxury skincare line of which we will be the only spa in the area […]

Romance Revival Spend a special day together reconnecting with a couples soothing sea stone massage. As smooth, warm basalt stones massage you and your loved one’s muscles back to health, your minds are set at ease. Toast your sugar with a glass of champagne as you both submerge your feet into a warm bubbling bath to receive side […]

They’ve done it again.. our spa is always giving us some amazing advice to keep our minds clear and our bodies energized! These tips on getting through the holidays are certainly ones we will be partaking in. Call to book a massage with one of our talented therapists to keep you relaxed through the new […]

Holly Jolly Wrap and Facial
Embrace the essence of the holiday season enveloping your body and mind in apples, pumpkin and spices!This joyful experience begins with a full body exfoliation and a wrap of warmth while your facial prepares you for the perfect holiday glow using revitalizing puree of pumpkin and orange. Continue reading

Open up your energy lines with our new service, Thai Massage. If you aren’t familiar with this amazing treatment, think of it as a cross between getting a massage and doing yoga at the same time-WOW! Thai massage originated to help sore, tired, legs and feet from the large population of physical workers in Thailand who spent most of their time standing. Continue reading