Images by Brooke Mayo Photographers Few details excite us more than the bloom-bursting birdcages Renee Landry Events styled for this Sanderling wedding, perfectly framed by the vintage set of double doors that the stunning bride made her entrance through. A dramatic, picturesque setting on the top tier of our Oceanside Observation Deck made for a memorable […]

If you couldn’t tell, this was a big wedding. But what you most certainly won’t have any difficulty seeing is the great lengths this charismatic, lovely couple went to for each and every one of their guests to have a memorable experience while celebrating their wedding. As an event planner herself, the bride had enough […]

Couples… We are so excited to share these showcase tidbits with you. We’re unabashedly, sublimely, giddily excited about every last detail of wedding euphoria we could dream up to present to y’all. Can you tell we are excited? Let us take you on a stroll through what’s a’brewing on March 19th at Sanderling Resort! Coastal Shots Photo; […]

Featured image by Brooke Mayo Photographers If you’re looking for a show-stopping, out of this world unique wedding design, Renee Landry Events is where it’s at. Continuously fresh ideas, pushing boundaries and creating breathtaking designs are staples of this Outer Banks event designer’s repertoire. Big, bold and bewitching could be described in any of her […]

Few things get us as excited as a ceremony over looking our beloved Atlantic, with their vows radiating down over their guests- gives us chills every time! Coastal Shots was there to capture every moment we have been pouring over since we saw this wedding- the timeless dress, the stunning florals by Renee Landry, and the amount of gushing we’ve done over that branch-festooned chandelier of dripping soft lavender blooms is no where close to normal. Continue reading